Arresting Meng Wanzhou the Huawei executive looks like a desperate move to save American economy

Apple makes incredible products, there is question about it. After enjoying several series of iPhones and iPads I had to make a hard decision today. I have completely switched to Huawei. The reason is not that I like their technology, but I want to tell the world that I am against arresting innocent people by the American government for political reasons.
Meng Wanzhou the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei was reported arrested by Canadian Police. According to NyTimes a Canadian prosecutor said she faced accusations of participating in a scheme to trick financial institutions into making transactions that violated United States sanctions against Iran.

To me this looks like utter nonsense, by the Donald Trump administration and Canada is supporting the US political games by arresting an innocent person. If Huawei in fact did something wrong that violates the law it should be prosecuted in the court of law, against the company, not against individual people working in the company. Prior to arrest I did not hear of any such allegation again Huawei. The arrest of Huawei exectutive looks more like kidnapping to me.

The motive for Trump Administration to kidnap Meng Wanzhou by the Canadian police could be the trade war between US and China. For few years the global business climate has been showing weakening of American tech companies while the Chinese companies are growing drastically. One such name is definitely Huawei, few years back it was not known globally but today it is a global brand. Mobile phone market statistics indicate in second quarter of 2018 Huawei shipped more cellphones than Apple. For Huawei the future looks bright. American companies have faced the hardship expensive labour. Living standard of an average American is much higher than that of a Chinese, so there is little the American companies could do to make their products cheaper. One way is relocate American factories to China and other is to outsource production of components to Chinese companies, in both ways Americans are losing job opportunities. To tackle with this critical economic cycle of loss the Donald Trump administration seems to have started a kidnapping campaign, it may be not but this is how it seems to me.

Higher standard of living pushes the salaries up and that pushes the overall costs of products high in the United States. Donald Trump might not found an easy way out of this continuous loop. So, I believe he just escalated the matter to dirty game of capturing prominent figure of big Chinese businesses, starting with Huawei of cause. But, could the Drump fix it that way? I guess not. There are many non-American investors and immigrants positively contributing to the American economy. Capture of Meng Wanzhou backfire on Trump if those immigrants and investors start leaving. It is a potential signal that indicates non-Americans are not safe on the American soil.

The move of arresting CFO of Huawei came amid a rising voice from the US authorities to stay away from their products. As part of this call the US military has already been banned from using Huawei devices, at least in the military compounds. This indicates the US authorities, at some level, suspects the Chinese tech giant may bury hidden devices in their products to spy on the United States. At least the US does not want that possibility to exist. China and America are emerging rivals in both military and economic field.

I understand safeguarding national interests are important. But, arresting employees of a rival company, I don’t think, is a smart move which would help achieving the goals at any bit. It would likely backfire on the already weird-looking hair of the Donald Trump, I guess. But, I believe is a shameless man who might do anything to fulfill his wishes, even if it practically functions otherwise.

The pioneer of Apple who founded the company was an immigrant from Syria. Many future Steve Jobs in the US today could flee the country if Trump threatens them with physical capture of people on legal business disputes, like that of the arrest of Meng Wanzhou.

The case of Meng Wanzhou also indicates the Trump Administration at some point start confiscating wealth and investments without due course of law.

I believe legal matters against companies should be prosecuted in court of law against such entities, not against individual people who are owners of staff.

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