Get To Know Kurumba Maldives and It’s All Inclusive Package

The History

The very first tourists to ever visit Maldives was lead by George Corbin, an Italian traveler and Ahmed Naseem, then a Maldives Embassy junior who later became the Foreign Minister. The first tourists who came to Maldives, mostly photographers and journalists, stayed in small lodgings of three houses in Male’ taken care of by M U Maniku and his friends including Hussain Afeef, who is currently the successful owner of many promising resorts. Enchanted by the beauty of our lovely country, Corbin vowed to bring in more tourists if Maniku, Naseem and Afeef can find an order of housing to stay at. Continue reading “Get To Know Kurumba Maldives and It’s All Inclusive Package”

Lily Beach offers an irresistible All Inclusive Package

There is more to life other than working to pay the bills, and if you have a family, then it is very likely that you are among the few modern families who live hectic lifestyles. However, it is highly crucial for you to take some time off or go on a weekend trip so that you and your entire family can relax and bond while having the time of your life, and there is no better place for a getaway than the Lily Beach Resort and Spa. Continue reading “Lily Beach offers an irresistible All Inclusive Package”

The Nautilus Maldives Resort

You may want to surprise someone, maybe your parent, family, friends or your love of life and give them the best time and experience of their lives, or you may need a personal get away after all the back breaking activities of the week on a holiday or on weekend and all you need is a break to refresh the mind, to interact with nature away from the noises of the city and town. A vacation is one major experience that we all need to have in different destinations in the world. In that case one of the most unique and beautiful place with  magical and a pinch of thrill is what we all need to experience, the place to feel freedom and peace at the same time feel at home the great Nautilus Maldives resort is the perfect place for you.  This resort is considered “a place beyond time “by its guests. Continue reading “The Nautilus Maldives Resort”

Kihaa Maldives Beach Villas are perfect for your holiday

Maldives are group of islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean and they are modern and luxurious. You can enjoy in various villas and bungalows according to your needs, budget and your lifestyle. Vacation in Kihaa Maldives will be one of the most wonderful you will ever experience, and you will want to come back here as soon as possible. Continue reading “Kihaa Maldives Beach Villas are perfect for your holiday”

Nautilus Maldives is your luxury private heaven

How would you feel to have an island for yourself, personal space, a place to be yourself, with state of the art facilities? That idea sounds like a good one and a dream for many, but it should no longer be a dream, you can now experience a private Island, thanks to the Nautilus Beach and Ocean houses in the Maldives. This resort has beach houses tailored to suit your needs; the resort also has several other services to ensure you get an unforgettable experiences. Continue reading “Nautilus Maldives is your luxury private heaven”

The best Island experience at tiny Mirihi Island Resort

Have no plans for the next holiday, or maybe you need a new place to visit, then you have come to the right place, this piece has just the solution for you; the Mirihi Island Resort. Mirihi Island Resort as the name suggests is located  in the Indian Ocean, this resort has combined both traditional and modern features in areas such as room designs, cuisines, activities just to mention a few and is focused on providing the best experience. Mirihi Island resort was reopened on December 2014 after an extensive renovation, the island is one of the smallest in the Maldives but has managed to make the most of the space, and is 30 minutes away from the Male International airport.  Continue reading “The best Island experience at tiny Mirihi Island Resort”

Maldives eco-friendly resort Soneva Fushi

While choosing the next holiday destination it has now become the priority that the destination provides you with the best pictures to fill up your Instagram, or your favourite social media account. We all want others to rhapsodise over the excellent photos. The gratifications you seek from a holiday should however not be forgotten. It is not always the pictures that matter, in the end, the memories you make will last for a lifetime. Perhaps what you crave is a romantic getaway or a family getaway, to a secluded haven where the time is engrossed with your beloved person or people, and all your tensions, at the end of the vacation are drained. The Maldives has sanctuaries embedded on the turquoise water could render you with several choices. The islands of Maldives has numerous mystic islands which could help to choose on the ideal destination.  Continue reading “Maldives eco-friendly resort Soneva Fushi”

USB Type-C charger for Dell XPS 9570

Many tech gurus are claiming the USB C (also known as type-c) is the future of laptop charging. I like the idea of having one charger that you can connect to any device. Imaging you have a phone, laptop, tablet, powerbank, bluetooth headset, hearpod – that is 7 devices you have to charge. Without a common charger that can handle everything you will need 7 different chargers. That’s why I bought a USB Type-C charger for my DELL XPS 9570.  Continue reading “USB Type-C charger for Dell XPS 9570”

Dell XPS 15 9570 at first did not recognise Samsung 970 Pro NVMe SSD. Now solved.

I have just solved the problem with my Samsung 970 Pro NVMe SSD on my brand new DELL XPS 15 9570.  I spent entire day troubleshooting and read many forum postings and blogs written by others about the issue. It seems many people are actually having trouble with this problem, so I thought I would write about to help everyone. From various forum posts I got few clues but honestly I did not find any solution on the internet. So, I wanted to write about it and help everyone. Before jumping to conclusion let me tell a little about my brand new Dell laptop. There are actually few other issues I would like to highlight, I think these are really important for anyone planning to buy this laptop.  Continue reading “Dell XPS 15 9570 at first did not recognise Samsung 970 Pro NVMe SSD. Now solved.”

Arresting Meng Wanzhou the Huawei executive looks like a desperate move to save American economy

Apple makes incredible products, there is question about it. After enjoying several series of iPhones and iPads I had to make a hard decision today. I have completely switched to Huawei. The reason is not that I like their technology, but I want to tell the world that I am against arresting innocent people by the American government for political reasons. Continue reading “Arresting Meng Wanzhou the Huawei executive looks like a desperate move to save American economy”