What is the number one factor for success in business? Answered 2018

This is a very general question and many people ask me about the number one factor that leads to success in business or just anything you do. I have been in leadership roles for the past 13 years and I want share my perspective about this question.  Before that let me share some insight about my personal background. Continue reading “What is the number one factor for success in business? Answered 2018”

Maldives Resorts List With Contacts Updated 2018

Here you can find the updated contacts for Maldives resorts. Contact details have been updated for 50 resorts for now and remaining will be completed later. The reason we wanted to compile this list was that many existing resort lists of Maldives are very much out dated. Many stakeholders trying to get in touch with resorts sometimes get telephone number of the actual person to whom the island was leased from the Tourism ministry. In Maldives tourism industry it is quite common to sell resorts and some resorts have been passed to many people. Some resorts have been taken over by international brands, in such cases the emails are often associated with the brand of resort chain. Therefore,  you need updated contacts if you ever want to communicate the actual company managing the property, rather than owner of the island several years back. Continue reading “Maldives Resorts List With Contacts Updated 2018”

It is safe to snorkel on Maldives reefs? Not always!

As you know Maldives is world famous for amazing beach holidays and scuba diving. Resorts such as Bathala Island are sell known for scuba diving. Because the house reef is one of the best in Maldives. But, there are many non-divers visiting Maldives and the only way they experience beauty of the underwater world is by snorkeling. Now there is one more way and that is semi-submarines available in few resorts, a big tourist submarine is located off Male’ if groups want to do tour.

If you are on honeymoon or family holiday with kids the underwater world is still a great attraction that is most recommended to experience. But, remember it has some risks and you have to take safety measures. Gaining some knowledge about snorkeling, reef and sea could be a good start, if are you reading this you are on the right place. Continue reading “It is safe to snorkel on Maldives reefs? Not always!”

Is it really safe to visit Maldives during political unrest?

Maldives is currently undergoing a harsh political movement and many tourists who want to visit for holiday ask me if it is really safe to visit during this unrest period. Before jumping in to conclusion let me explain you the situation and consequences. In 2018 we have a presidential election and currently it is President Abdulla Yameen in power. Ex-president Mohamed Nasheed has been charged with terrorism before he fled to United Kingdom. Yameen’s first Vice President Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed fled to UK while on the job and did not return due to hash political situation. After Jameel it was Ahmed Adeeb who become the second Vice President of Abdulla Yameen, Adeeb is charged with terrorism and currently serving his time in jail. Yameen’s uncle Maumoon Abdul Qayoom is former president who ruled the Maldives for 30 years, helped Yameen become president, is now working with the opposition parties while his son is detained for allegations of bribery to topple the government. Continue reading “Is it really safe to visit Maldives during political unrest?”

Arranging Dinner On Maldives Sandbank Is Not Easy

Recently I was asked by some guests to arrange a trip to a sandbank and organize a wedding proposal. Initially the guests wanted to go sandbank in the afternoon, have the proposal done, watch sunset and have a lobster dinner before coming back. Guests booked a resort for their stay and this event was planned for 3rd day of their stay. There are many factors to be considered while arranging a wedding ceremony or proposal trip to the virgin nature of the Maldives.

Since guests were staying in a resort the organizer should check with resort if the allow third parties to go there and pick their guests. Usually this is very restricted in the Maldives, but in the recent years there has been changes to the strict policies and many resorts now allow it. Some resorts do put a charge on the guest. Technically it should not be a problem as tourists could leave the resort at any time they wish. Preventing guests to leave could technically mean they are kept hostage, that is absolutely illegal. In my case the resort charged US$100 to get boat access to the resort. Continue reading “Arranging Dinner On Maldives Sandbank Is Not Easy”

Is fish feeding good or bad? My opinion and photos

You may have seen many Maldives resorts do fish feeding to entertain guests. It is an amazing experience to see so many fish. Some resorts feed string rays, others feed all types of fish. Recently developed trend in Maldives is shark feeding. Stingray feeding the most popular of all, may be because it is the longest practiced by of fish feeding in the Maldives. Continue reading “Is fish feeding good or bad? My opinion and photos”

Islands and beaches near Maldives Ibrahim Nasir airport

Many tourists ask me if there is a beach near airport that they could enjoy. People on business trips usually do not have time to go other islands. After fishing their business meetings they get few hours in the afternoon and they want to experience what Maldives is all about.

Ibrahim Nasir Internatinal Airport is the main gateway to Maldives that serves to over 99% of tourists. Addu International Airport in south serves to two resorts and some guesthouses. If you are arriving via Colombo you may get better airfares to Addu than the main airport. Hanimaadhoo International Airport is on the north of the country and sometimes operate direct flights between India. On this post I am going to assume are visiting the main airport and you want the options to enjoy. Continue reading “Islands and beaches near Maldives Ibrahim Nasir airport”

Maldives Snorkeling Accidents – Updated 2018

Snorkeling in the Maldives is full of timeless fun if you aware of the very few but real threats.  A few months back I was snorkeling at Veligandu Island Resort. I saw many specifies of fish just a couple of metres from me. At west side of the island I saw more small fish as reef is shallow. At the drop off point were big fish as they live in deeper part of the reef.

I followed the drop off line and swam along towards east. Around middle area of the island I came across a Titan Triggerfish that was facing down, it stayed in the same spot with fins waving to help him keep on the position.

Continue reading “Maldives Snorkeling Accidents – Updated 2018”

Should I stay near airport or travel afar on my Maldives holiday

Many tourists ask me if they should choose a resort close to airport or travel afar on their Maldives holidays. I give them a simple reply. If you want to save on airport transfer you can stay at a resort or local island near airport. If you want to get a better experience, enjoy more and explore the most beautiful places you should choose an island that is not in the crowded tourist zone near Male’ or Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. Continue reading “Should I stay near airport or travel afar on my Maldives holiday”

Here’s why you can’t trust Maldives weather forecast

Recently I was contacted by a guest planning to visit Maldives in last week of January 2018. Guest was very trouble by the fact that weather forecast showed some rain during her stay in the Maldives. In personal experience I knew in February Maldives has the finest weather conditions, January is also a good month but February is usually better. Continue reading “Here’s why you can’t trust Maldives weather forecast”