Equator Village – The Unique Budget Friendly Maldives Hotel

If you are the eccentric type of tourist who has either seen it all and want something a little different, or don’t want the same cookie-cutter experiences that everyone else gets then distinct and unique is exactly what you’ll get at Equator Village. You might think that that is exactly what every resort claim, that they’ll give you a special experience. So, for proof that you’re really in for something special if you decide to stay at this charming little resort, know that this is the only place in Maldives where you’ll get to edge of the map – literally. Compass point extremes have a very strange yet undeniable allure. What other resort in Maldives will get you the southernmost tippy-toe point of the Maldives? Sure, Equator village might not be as flashy and grand as the southernmost resort in Maldives, Shangri La Villigili but it doesn’t really have that edge now, does it?

This unique little snowflake of a resort is located in the very special southern atoll, both culturally and geographically. Just a 10-minute drive from Gan International Airport, the resort is on the upper tip of Gan island. The causeway connecting the island to inhabited villages of the atoll is a skip away and exploring the rich history and culture of the atoll is a must-do. You can easily travel around the atoll, with causeways connecting the 4 islands – which is also a special feature of Addu – and mingle with the locals. With the low room rates and their special all-inclusive packages giving you an amazing deal, it is probably one of the best-value resorts in the country.


As soon as you enter, it’s obvious that the place wasn’t built originally as a resort. The neat line of rooms, the well-tended gardens and a dining hall that looks like a mess. This is because the infrastructure was originally built to be a British RAF base and though the place have been revamped and renovated to cater to the 21st century, the rich heritage of the location is unashamed in its. There ae 58 units of the standard rooms in smart rows behind the garden and 20 have been upgraded into deluxe rooms. The aesthetics of the rooms still feature the architecture from British empire’s last days. This resort is probably the next most historical resort after Kurumba Maldives.

There’s a total of a 78 Bungalows opening into a lush courtyard garden. These bungalows are spacious and cool, designed with simple European elegance, each bungalow has its’ own verandah overlooking the tropical blooms. The lovely rooms come along with all the amenities and comforts of the modern world. Facilities include minibar, microwave, air conditioner, cable TV, lamp, in-room safe and complimentary Wi-Fi. In fact, some apartments even come with their own kitchen for the guests who’d rather cook their own meal.


The old mess of the British RAF base has been transformed into the reception, bars and dining areas. If you step further, you’ll find yourself in a huge swimming pool overlooking the serene southern Maldivian waters. Sure, the beach isn’t that great but most guests don’t care and lounge around in sunbeds on the sandy path anyways. Though don’t fret, if you’re that excited about beaches then you can find charming little spots of beach while driving around the Addu Atoll or even go on an excursion to discover a sandbank! There’s a billiards table passed down from British soldiers, along with first-class tennis courts. Equator Maldives also offers excursions to explore all the natural and historical beauty of not just  Meedhoo and Hithadhoo that’s a ferry ride away but the 4 islands linked by causeways as well. This is exactly what makes the resort so unique, it just lets you explore the southern world hidden within the Maldivian archipelago all by yourself.

Take the all-inclusive meal plan and have selected meals to your like in buffet- style and the Blue Lagoon Restaurant with a spread including Western, Oriental and Eastern Asian and local cuisine.  The atmosphere is light, bright and cheery unlike the many dreamy, sleepy and grand atmospheres resorts you’ll find in Maldives. Located in the perfect spot for accessibility without invading your privacy is the Veragan Bar. Choose from a great selection from the all-inclusive drinks and just relax, unwind and mingle with other travelers.

Scuba Diving

There’s a lot hype when it comes to diving at Addu since it remains one of the few atolls where the coral reefs were untouched by El Nino. So the divers who really want to experience the untamed and untouched underwater world are in for a treat.

Unbelievable coral reefs, grey reef sharks, tiger sharks, barracudas, yellow fin tunas and Napoleon wrasse. Moreover, there’s the must-see, the British Loyalty. It is the largest dive wreck in Maldives that is a historic treasure spanning 140 meters. It lies on its starboard side at a maximum depth of 33 meters, the vertical orientation leaving the upper portion at a depth rage of 17 meters making it more accessible for beginners as well. The dive center, Diverland is a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre that has been operating in Maldives since 1986. Finally, with the Addu Atoll is the Maldives’ being a manta ray paradise, it is probably the best place in the country to spot these magnificent, elegant creatures. In fact, the frequency of seeing these animals was not a well known fact until quite recently. The truth is that Addu is one of the few places in the Indian Ocean, and the only place in the Maldives, where you can see these beasts of the sea all year round.

Serena Spa

Serena Spa offers a wide selection of aromatic oils, and age-old treatments to soothe mind and body, such as the ancient ayurveda therapies, beauty treatments and packages specially designed to completely revive and revitalize your senses after a day in the sun. The Spa itself is probably the most affordable Spa in Maldives, only 80$ per hour, while you’d be lucky to get away with paying only 200$ at even the cheapest resorts.

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