Do you actually need Ice Skating in the Maldives?

Local and international travel media is flooded with news that Jumeirah Vittaveli Maldives has introduced country’s first ice rink and I am wondering if guests would actually want it. Maldives is known as a sunny destination and tourists visiting Maldives want sunshine, not the freezing winter. If guests want ice skating there is no reason to come Maldives.

That was my first. You see, guests want sunshine, beautiful beaches, luxury villas, tasty food. If you get all this and then you can do the your favourite sports that is just wonderful. There may be many people who dont know how to do ice skating but always want to try, here’s the chance. Come for a Maldives holiday, even if you could not learn gliding over the ice you could still enjoy a dreamy holiday, and you won’t have to suffer in terrible cold.

On the ice rink at Jumeirah Vittaveli Maldives it is not cold at all. Because it is made of a synthetic material which do not require cooling. This makes the new winter sports for Maldives environment friendly.

How many of the guests in Vittaveli actually do ice skating? I think it would be less than 5%. So, why would the resort build a facility targeting such a small proportion of their visitors? I think, despite this sport is new to many it is interesting. Most of the people nowadays live in the city and ice skating places such as frozen lakes may not be around. Having to travel long distances may be a hassle.

I often enjoy watching this sports on television. I never tried it, not because i did not like. So, if it is available in Maldives many people would want to try it, guests and locals included.

I think for me it would take some time to learn how to stand up on the ice rink, let alone balancing and gliding.

The ice rink at Jumeirah Vittaveli was officially opened by Evgeni Plushenko, an Olympics gold medalist, the General Manager and resort staff on 20 March 2018. At the inaugural ceremony my attention went on to the podium because it was placed in the sea. I was wondering how did the host get there without wetting her cloth. Did she use a boat? I did not see a boat around. But, I must confess, it looked very nice.

Jumeirah is a luxury brand from Dubai and Vittaveli is currently their only resort in the Maldives. Many people know this brand because of the world famous Burj Al Arab in Dubai, it is the same company.

Apart from being a popular luxury resort Jumeirah Vittaveli is also a popular spot among yacht owners. Because the resort is very close to capital Male’ and the main intentional airport there are many private yachts passing by and they want to have a stopover to enjoy for a while. These yacht owners find Jumeirah Vittaveli in the perfect location. Since the resort offer high-end services including several dining options the yacht owners enjoy spending some time on the resort.

If you ever get the chance to visit Jumeirah Vittaveli one thing I suggest you to never miss is the stingray feeding. It takes place everyday afternoon at the shore. There is a pontoon who feeds giant stingrays and pontoon feeds them by hand. You can see these large creature up close. Not only sting rays, but huge jackfish are also present there on feeding time. There must be at least 10 jackfish. They are very clever. When the pontoon thrown the food the jackfish rush and grab the bite before it touches the water. It is amazing to see so many intelligent creatures. You can go and watch this everyday but you will not get bored. It is simply amazing.


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