Kihaa Maldives Beach Villas are perfect for your holiday

Maldives are group of islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean and they are modern and luxurious. You can enjoy in various villas and bungalows according to your needs, budget and your lifestyle. Vacation in Kihaa Maldives will be one of the most wonderful you will ever experience, and you will want to come back here as soon as possible.

History of Maldives

Maldives are well known tourist destination for years, but in the recent decade, it became one of the most popular travel destinations for people all over the planet. Everybody dream about visiting Maldives, and we definitely recommend to spend your vacation in Kihaa Maldives beach villas. Villas are not crowded, you will definitely feel that you are in paradise, and many of the services here are luxurious and first class. You will have the best vacation ever, especially if you visit this place with your loved one.

Things to do

Maldives are all about fun. You can snorkel, you can visit many beaches, you can even watch dolphins. Every resort has private beach for your eyes only, and every day you can enjoy in a spa. Dive deep inside the ocean or go kayaking with your friends and family, you will have the time of your life.

Rooms and accommodation

Kihaa Maldives Island Resort and Spa will be your private coral island settled in Baa Atoll. It is a place near Dharavandhoo domestic airport and it is not far from Velana International Airport. It is situated at the core of Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve and this is a home to the acclaimed Marine Protected Area of Hanifaru Bay. In this area you can swim with the glorious sharks. There are more than one hundred rooms and suites and they offer amazing perspectives on the Indian Ocean.

Water villa

Settled on wooden chops specifically made over the turquoise coastline of the island, the Water Villa is ideal for complete relaxation and joy. It will definitely be a highlight of your vacation and you should also know that Water Villa is a place with wide room with jumbo bed and a spacious restroom. It also has private pool for a magnificent experience.

Water suite

For the most comfortable vacation, this room is what you need. It is settled on the wooden stilts over the smooth area of the island, with a wide room, an open porch, and there is even a washroom with Jacuzzi. The wide deck can be used for private suppers and it is ideal for relaxation and romantic time with your loved one.

2-Bedroom Family Executive Suite with pool

Perfect for families and little gatherings of companions who spend their vacation together, the 2-Bedroom Family Executive Suite with pool is available with two rooms with an extra large bed. There is also cozy restroom and a living area.

Family junior suite

Perfect for families, giving the best solution for parents and for big families. It has a room with extra large bed for parents and a small space to greet up to two single beds for children, a restroom with open air shower, and it comes with a separate shower and tub.

Waterfront beach villa

Highlighting an open room with a place to sit, this villa also include a restroom with outside shower, separate shower and a bath, an outer porch with direct sea access and a private open air structure where you can eat or drink your favorite cocktail. The private pool overlooks the endless lagoon, at sunset time it is a timeless experience to stay with your loved one.

Maldivian suite with pool

The Maldivian house highlights one room with extra large bed, one washroom with open air shower, and comfortable lounge with additional storage room. It is made in the Maldivian style, rooms are planned with a shell shape and this is one of the coolest things ever. The Maldivian suite is near a second suite that belongs to a similar classification, subsequently it is made to save a lots of free space, perfect for companions who are on vacation together, and for bigger families.

Garden villa with pool

The Garden Villas includes a big room with a bed and a walk-in closet. There is also a restroom with bath and a modern shower. Private pool with deck zone is also available, perfect for recreation during the day, and it is surrounded by extravagant vegetation inside the private area. Indian Ocean is near, you can look at it directly.

Reserve beach villa

Roomy and cozy, this resort includes great position among vegetation, despite the fact that it also offers a view directly on the sea. It is an extensive room with a bed and a couch, a restroom with open air shower, separate shower and bath, and a privateregion with wooden porch furnished with shoreline seats with direct access to shoreline.

Lagoon Prestige beach villa

This beach villa is settled on the main road with direct view and simple access to the shoreline. Prestige Beach Villa includes a roomy area and a bed with a couch with sitting zone, a restroom with open air shower, separate shower and bath for many persons, and an outside region with direct access to the sea. Of course, it also has direct access to the shoreline. The advantaged position makes it a standout amongst the most asked for settlement in Kihaa.

Waterfront beach villa with private pool

This room includes an extensive living space, separate room with a bed, a restroom with open air shower, separate shower and bath for two or more persons, and an outside wooden porch outfitted with seats confronting the sea. The outside patio is private, you can relax here as much as you want.


Kihaa is a unique resort that offers more than 10 room categories to choose from, tourists can enjoy in peaceful area with relaxing environment. Coral reefs and beautiful coastline are one of the most beautiful things in Maldives and you can try different and various services if you want to have the most perfect vacation ever. No matter if you love water sports, swimming, spa or any other activity, Maldives will be your favorite place to visit.

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