Lindsay Lohan roams the streets of Maldives local island

Lindsay Lohan has recently visited Dhonfanu island in the Maldives and roamed the streets with her sister Aliana Lohan, the islanders had no clue who she was. Dhonfaru is a very tiny village in Baa Atoll,  out of the registered population of  529 many have moved to other islands and some are working at resorts to make a living.  The few remaining islanders apparently can’t recognise Lindsay Lohan, needless to mention her sister Aliana Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan visited Dhanfaru for a day visit to explore local culture and lifestyle. Some of her videos on Instagram show them visiting different houses with gifts. Tourists often visit local islands, but giving gifts is not common.

On her winter holiday 2019 Lindsay Lohan and Aliana Lohan stayed at Amilla Fushi, about 10 minutes from Dhonfaru island by speedboat. Dhonfanu is one of the smallest islands in Baa Atoll, the island barely has a barhour and there is very little development in terms in infrastructure. Dhonfanu is one of the few remaining islands where you can witness authentic Maldivian lifestyle and culture.

On last Eid festival I was lucky to get a chance to visit Dhonfanu. I saw villagers got together and prepared feasts at different locations of the island and visitors like me were invited. I inquired with an old man, he said that was the tradition in Dhonfaru and every year they do that.

In Dhonfaru there are no multi-storey buildings, paved roads don’t exist. Old style houses with few rooms and indigenous fruit tree grown in the front yard and backyard of almost every house tell so much about their lifestyle.

Post Date: 27.01.2019

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