The best Island experience at tiny Mirihi Island Resort

Have no plans for the next holiday, or maybe you need a new place to visit, then you have come to the right place, this piece has just the solution for you; the Mirihi Island Resort. Mirihi Island Resort as the name suggests is located  in the Indian Ocean, this resort has combined both traditional and modern features in areas such as room designs, cuisines, activities just to mention a few and is focused on providing the best experience. Mirihi Island resort was reopened on December 2014 after an extensive renovation, the island is one of the smallest in the Maldives but has managed to make the most of the space, and is 30 minutes away from the Male International airport. 

The accommodation

The villas are designed to provide the best experience for visitors, the rooms are elegant and have exquisite interior decorations as well as furniture. The resort has a king and twin size beds, wine fridge, a villa bar and for the coffee lovers, the villas have a coffee maker with a variety of coffee blends.

All the villas are identical and effectively spaced to ensure maximum privacy, after the renovation of the resort, each villa was designed to overlook the ocean; the villas also have a spacious bathroom also overlooking the sea to ensure you have an enjoyable bath as you experience nature.

Mirihi Island Resort has managed to maintain international standards, and though small in size Mirihi Island Resort is not limited and can host events such as weddings, a birthday party or even an outing with your friends. The resort is also ideal if you are looking for a romantic getaway, far from the busy streets.

Mirihi Island Resort cuisines

Muraka Restaurant: A vacation is not complete without excellent foods, and Mirihi resort has made sure your stay at the Island is complete with a wide range of options and international full course meals, the Muraka Restaurant also has the best wine collection. Their award-winning wine collection have all you need met for any event be it an anniversary, to a wedding, to a birthday party or maybe you want to relax from the busy life.

Dhonveli Restaurant and Anba Bar: For a taste of the local foods, the Dhonveli restaurant provides the best. You can enjoy three meals as you enjoy the waves as the restaurant overlooks the Indian Ocean making your experience even better. This restaurant is also packed with a variety of wines from both the new and old era. For light snacks and drinks, the Anba bar is the place for you; one can enjoy time with friends as you sip the delightful cocktails under the Indian Ocean breeze.

Some of the activities one can enjoy while in the resort

Excursions, for a fun and active vacation, Mirihi Island Resort has just the thing for you. There is a whale shark seeking trips, you get to go out in a yacht to find the sea giant, this is a fun activity that will keep you entertained during the day. The resort also offers reed exploration, sailing through the Indian Ocean and finally, you can enjoy live music on the cruise as you view the sunset or the full moon.

Massages, if you are looking forward to relaxing during your holiday, the duniye spa has got you covered. The resort has invested in providing the best spa treatment, by assigning qualified therapists who will help you relax your body muscles and make you forget all your worries. The spa also has a couple’s room, where couples can relax and ignite their romance.

A sauna experience, want to recharge and go back home a new you, then Mirihi Island Resort sauna is the place to be, the sauna will help you relax and get back your inner strength. According to research visiting a sauna can help to relieve stress and improves one health by removing toxins and improving cardiovascular functions.

Yoga and meditation, the resort offer yoga and meditation training from qualified personnel throughout the year, from November to April the resort offers daily training, in the morning you can enjoy yoga training while in the evening get into mediation.  From October to May the resort offers free yoga and meditation training.

Diving, this is one of the most sort after activity by visitors. The resort gives an opportunity for experienced divers as well as offers training for first-time divers. There are over 40 diving sites, and the resort ensures a personalized experience by providing you with a personal instructor.

Some other activities one can enjoy include, windsurfing, fishing, sunbathing as well as shopping. Holidays are time to relax and enjoy what you have worked for, and this island gives you the full package. As you experience Mirihi boutiques and gift shops to ensure you carry souvenirs back home for family and friends.

Why choose Mirihi Island Resort

One thing that has increased Mirihi Island Resort’s popularity is the availability of top-notch services, however, besides that, Mirihi Island Resort has not left families behind. You get to enjoy a full family vacation even with the young ones; the resort has family rooms where families can enjoy games, they also offer babysitting services for couples that need alone time. The resort also has a library, if you need a place to relax and get back your inner strength, then Mirihi Resort has you covered. The resort also has kid-friendly meals, and have access to wheelchairs ensuring no one is left behind, the resort also has free Wi-Fi.


A vacation to the Mirihi Island Resort can never go wrong, with services for a group of friends, family or even couples. The resort staff is trained to ensure your stay at the resort is the best by ensuring you have activities to enjoy, security and mouth-watering cuisines, this resort has all your needs met, you get to enjoy a vacation with your family at friendly price packages, an outing with friends will be full activities to enjoy throughout your stay, and for that romantic getaway, the duniye spas cannot go wrong as you relax and re-ignite the fire in your relationship. Make a date and visit the Mirihi Island resort for an unforgettable lifetime experience.

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