Nautilus Maldives is your luxury private heaven

How would you feel to have an island for yourself, personal space, a place to be yourself, with state of the art facilities? That idea sounds like a good one and a dream for many, but it should no longer be a dream, you can now experience a private Island, thanks to the Nautilus Beach and Ocean houses in the Maldives. This resort has beach houses tailored to suit your needs; the resort also has several other services to ensure you get an unforgettable experiences.

The Maldives has become a popular venue among tourists, and more 5-start resorts are established each day, the Nautilus resort is a private island resort located in Thiladhoo Island in Baa Atoll. The resort was officially opened in November 2018 and has incorporated luxury complexes; a serene and private environment for couples as well as individuals, with stylishly designed rooms. This resort is convenient for anyone looking for a private vacation away from the busy streets.

The resort has 26 beach houses all tailored to suit the client’s requirements and the visitors also get a personal butler to serve and arrange your space upon your request.

Room Categories

Nautilus resort have beach houses with either three, two or one bedrooms, the rooms also have a separate living room, making you feel at home and the rooms also vary in size depending on your requirements. In addition, the rooms have an open swimming pool, a private deck, dining table and one can also enjoy the fresh water swimming pool. You also get to enjoy the sunset or sunrise at the comfort of a private sun lounge.

The beach houses are not limited to nature, so visitors can get a feel of the outside world as there are WI-FI services, you also get to enjoy a movie on the flat-screen in each room. In addition the rooms have a mini bar, wine fridge and a coffee machine and guests receive a bottle of champagne on the house as well as daily treat of fruits and meals are available any time of the day.

The resort has also significantly invested in the luxurious showers, the bathtubs, as well as toilets, each beach house has a walk-in shower, designer bathtubs with the latest equipment’s to make your stay satisfactory, the rooms have an installed air conditioning as well as a ceiling fan.

Activities to enjoy

Apart from the luxurious rooms and the treatment, the resort also has various activities one can enjoy, they include;

  • Yoga and meditation, the essence of a vacation is to relax and tap into the inner strength, one of the critical activities that helps one to achieve this is yoga, you get to enjoy yoga and meditate in a serene environment, overlooking the blue waters of the Ocean and enjoying the soft breeze.
  • Enjoy a private yacht voyage, want to feel connected to nature, then consider the luxurious yacht ride across the ocean.
  • Diving, this is another popular activity among tourists, the resort has various spots to diving for both experienced divers and first-time divers.
  • Watersports, want to bond with your friends? Watersports help to strengthen relationships by building teamwork skills, and this is important for any relationship to grow.
  • Spa, get a spa treatment and forget all about your worries, and relax your muscles with the well-trained masseuse.
  • Excursions, want to discover nature? The Nautilus resort has got you covered you get to go for excursions around the beaches.

You also get to enjoy fishing activities; the resort has also designed events for children making it a family-friendly environment.

Nautilus resort is ideal for romantic getaways, wedding receptions, family vacation as well as friends outing. The resort is designed to create lifelong experiences and has so far managed to attract customers from all over the world.

Why choose Nautilus beach house resort

  • Privacy, looking for a place to be yourself? Look no more as Nautilus has achieved this, the beach and ocean houses are customized to suit the client’s needs, the houses will make you feel at home. You get to eat any time of the day; you can even enjoy breakfast as dinner or even drink cocktails at 8a.m, and this experience is unique and unforgettable for many.
  • Family-friendly, the resort is not limited to couples or individuals; but has also been designed to accommodate families by ensuring families have activities they can enjoy.
  • Quality, this is one of the things that has helped Nautilus stand out in the short time it has been in the market, the resort provides a personal butler to answer to your needs. Besides this, the resort has used quality and luxurious furniture in the house.
  • Uniqueness, for a unique experience, then Nautilus resort is the pace to be, the experience is not only unique due to the customized experience, but the house designs too, the resort has incorporate both traditional house designs and modern designs making the experience a once in a lifetime.
  • Enjoy the cuisines; the resort has three restaurants and two bars, where you get to enjoy international cuisines and drinks.


The concept of Nautilus resort is freedom, the resort is designed to accommodate free spirits, and though the concept has helped welcome many tourists across the globe, the resort is not limiting and allows one to have a good time with the ones you love.

If you are looking for a place to celebrate your next anniversary, walking barefoot in the sand as you enjoy the ocean breeze, the Nautilus is the place to be, or maybe you want to treat your children to a nice vacation but still have time to yourself, the butlers at Nautilus will help you achieve this; the butler is trained to ensure the clients achieve maximum comfort and are willing to help in anything you request them to do.

Nautilus resort will help you tap into your inner strength, and by the time you get back home, you feel like a new you. So set a date and start saving for this year’s vacation to the Nautilus beach and ocean resort in the Maldives.

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