The Standard Maldives For Snorkeling Lovers

Embark on a seaplane journey where you can take in the majesty of the Maldivian landscape from above as you are transported to a luxury destination set in the tourism-friendly yet still remote Raa Atoll. The Standard, Huruvalhi is a vibrant luxury resort taking a different approach to the tropical island life. Snorkelers are in for a treat with overwater villas equipped with snorkeling and gear and poised perfectly to provide access to the spectacular house reef. 

House Reef and Snorkel Safari

The Ocean Overwater Villas were built with the snorkeling enthusiasts in mind, as they run exactly parallel to the reef. The rooms come with snorkeling gear and you can just dive right in and snorkel the house reef. The visibility is best in march and the best time to dive from your room is during the high tide as it is easier to avoid the corals and rocks. The staff at the dive shop will happily provide these hours and if you still want to snorkel at low tide, you can always go to the service jetty and jump into the water from there. There are also drop offs in the direction of the spa and the reef area towards the dive shop where you are guaranteed to experience the abundant underwater wildlife.

Overall, the house reef is good but nothing mind-blowing, so you might want to experience something a little different. There are a few snorkeling excursions just to cater to that urge, like the Snorkel Safari. There are plenty of untouched, amazing snorkeling and dive sites located near the resort. Go on this excursion where they take you to an amazing drop off just 20 minutes away on a boat to a site on a completely different level than the house reef.

Turtle Expedition

There are many creatures that you can swim alongside in the Maldives, and what’s better than floating along with a green sea turtle. You can go on a turtle expedition in the afternoon where you spot these magical sea creatures and they’re fairly easy to locate. They’re mostly found in shallow areas with lots of marine life and a most of them aren’t shy when you get up lose with them. You are guaranteed to spot multiple turtles on this trip as there’s a turtle spotting area and depending on the weather, you can even dive in an and swim along with them.

Starlight Snorkeling

If you happen to be in Maldives during the less rainy monsoon, then the weather will be ripe for you quietly snorkel under the stars. You can use your waterproof flashlight and experience a completely different community of nocturnal marine life. It’s definitely a special experience you will remember. If you’re very lucky, you might even find yourself in the midst of the glowing bioluminescent plankton.

Hanifaru Manta Snorkeling

The resort offers trips to the legendary Hanifaru Bay, located in the Baa Atoll right below Raa Atoll. The experience really is straight out a snorkeler’s pipe dream, where you can swim along with the majestic Manta Rays that can be seen there all year round. These gentle sea giants are not at all shy, and you can get quite close while watching them feed on the plankton in the bay. If you’re lucky, you might even get to witness them cyclone feeding where up to 50 mantas form a chain in a vortex formation.

The Standard Maldives is a great place for snorkeling, though it is far from the best if you’re looking for a more snorkeling-oriented vacation. This island resort is for the budget conscious and more upbeat tourists who’re looking for a more sociable atmosphere. Though snorkeling isn’t the focal point, it is equipped to provide an amazing experience for the snorkeling enthusiasts.

The resort is located on Huruvalhi island, in the northerly Raa Atoll and is quite tourism friendly. The Standard is a mischievous luxury brand known for breaking clichés and setting their own standard, and The Standard Maldives certainly does that. In contrast to the many dreamy romantic getaways that focus on isolation, the resort has many public spaces to encourage socializing and mingling. Vibrant, cheerful colors all around in both your rooms as well as the outdoor décor and the DJs at the beach club style poolside are sure to hype you up. Furthermore, the resort is also family friendly with a kids’ club and teens zone, so everyone can have a good time


The accommodation is very sleek and modern, breaking away from the rustic theme so prevalent in the Maldivian tourism industry. There is a total of 115 villas that are either overwater, or lining the beachfront. All the villas have a sleek design with pale wood and an off-white ceiling and wall splashed with bright colors to create a vibrant ambience. There’s an activity wall in your bedroom where you’ll find your snorkeling gear and a ukulele. All the villas The Standard Maldives come with an expansive outdoor deck and a private plunge pool.

The water villas are categorized into the Ocean Overwater Villas, which are positioned parallel to the reef so it’s perfect for the snorkelers and the Lagoon Overwater Villas are for the more scenery-oriented tourists. For those seeking a bit more privacy, the beach villas are a perfect pick. You can pick from the Lagoon Beach villa, situated on the lagoon side of the island and the Ocean Beach Villa where the deep ocean starts right where the beach ends. Both are a great choice, but waking up to the sparkling blue lagoon is a no-brainer.


The dining venues and bars at The Standard Maldives are excellent, and most ingredients are locally grown or locally sourced. The buffet style restaurant serving international spreads at all meals of the day is Kula.

There’s a very unique Maldivian Restaurant which is the first of its kinds in Maldives. Guduguda serves the distinct local food such as the coconut-based curries in a very rustic, vibrant setting. To check off the list, there’s a BBQ Shak where you can enjoy grilled seafood and prime cut meats. The star of the resort is the Beru Bar, an overwater nightclub with a glass floor which is something every guest must experience. There’s also a Joos Café where you can get a light drink or snack a poolside bar, Todis. The Standard Spa also has a wellness bar called Tonic.

Other facilities and activities

Apart from the previously mentioned snorkeling, the resort also has a PADI endorsed dive center that offers ranges for all types of divers. The region of Raa Atoll has many amazing dive sites that are perfect for amateurs and great shipwreck adventures for the more intermediate ones as well. 

There’s also The Standard Spa, a complete indoor hydrotherapy playground complete with a contemporary communal hammam, aroma cypress steam room and contrast shower experience. Their core element of the resort is the many upbeat events that happen there. Go to one of the epic pool parties the brand is known for throwing or witness the traditional dance and music at Todi Bar. You can even go for a movie screening at the Moonlight Cinema. The resort also offers Water Sports and Board Sports for the thrill seekers and there’s even an 82 sqm inflatable water park where adults and kids can slip around.

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