Wedding on Maldives resort or sandbank

Tourists having weddings in the Maldives is not uncommon. These are symbolic weddings, Maldives is a Muslim country and there are no Churches. So, the guests have their legal proceedings in their home country and then fly to Maldives to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime event.

It is common to have wedding ceremony in hotel ballroom. But, guests who want have their wedding in the Maldives do not want that. They want to be near the beach, they want beautiful atmosphere to be experienced and captured on their most precious event of the life.

Sandbank – Photo by Kaani Hotels

Most of the Maldives resorts just decode the beach area, put a table and chairs and have it in simple way. Most of the time there are not relatives of family attending these events as visiting Maldives is not cheap. So, there is no point of making arrangement for a large gathering. The larger the event the more costly it becomes.

Almost all resorts make some kind of arch, usually with palm leaves and the exchange of vows takes place while the couple stands under there. Some resorts keep a decorated table with chairs, so the couple and the Event Master are seated for proceedings.

The weddings can be customized to your preferences. For example the package often have a wedding cake, if you want to make it cheaper you could do that without it. The ceremony and a romantic dinner on the beach would make it a memorable celebration. Of cause if you have more budget you can throw in the wedding cake, bottle of champagne, spa treatments, make-up, escape to private island the next day and many more.

Maldives is sunny all throughout the year, unexpected rain is expected rarely at times. If it rains on the day of wedding the organizers usually keep a backup plan, such as a restaurant or a ballroom if there is one. Events are usually planned after checking weather forecasts.

If you want to make your wedding even better you can have it on sandbank. This is not offered in every resort. Sandbanks are much nicer to have it there. Because it is simple more beautiful when you see beautiful waters all around. Do not forget to hire a drone photographer if you are going to sandbank.

To have wedding on the sandbank the weather has to be perfect. Rough sea may make the bride and groom wet by the sea waves during the transfer. Choppy seas also make it uncomfortable to travel by speedboat. Even if you get there it may not be easy to get on to the sandbank. It all depends on the features of sandbank and conditions. Because sandbanks change their shape and moves around in the lagoon. If the water is too shallow the boat cannot reach the sandbank, it will stop at a distance and you will have to walk to get on the sandbank. Usually there is a slightly deeper side and walking through the lagoon is not a big issue as it is not long. At some place the boat and go and alongside nicely, guests can jump off direct to sandbank without touching the water. In some case it requires a small dingy to get there. The organizers plan for everything, so you need not worry about all these logical issues.

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