The Nautilus Maldives Resort

You may want to surprise someone, maybe your parent, family, friends or your love of life and give them the best time and experience of their lives, or you may need a personal get away after all the back breaking activities of the week on a holiday or on weekend and all you need is a break to refresh the mind, to interact with nature away from the noises of the city and town. A vacation is one major experience that we all need to have in different destinations in the world. In that case one of the most unique and beautiful place with  magical and a pinch of thrill is what we all need to experience, the place to feel freedom and peace at the same time feel at home the great Nautilus Maldives resort is the perfect place for you.  This resort is considered “a place beyond time “by its guests.

What makes the Nautilus magical is the presence of natural elements, the amazing vibrant coral reef steps from the beach, it is a natural beach it has no more man-made features, the hospitality of the people and the exiting neighboring experience the Hanifaru Bay, which between the month of July and November it’s the only place on this planet were you can have adventure to swim with manta rays in huge numbers, it’s the best feeling any person can experience.

This being a newly precious place it carries the heart of many guest especially the honeymooner has the best experience for the couples.


Nautilus is a highly personalized private resort that is located in a tiny island 126km North West of the Maldives, to get to Nautilus resort it’s a 35 minutes seaplane flight that ensures that makes you forget how much time you spend flying as you are kept amazed by the scenery of Maldives islands from the sky.


We have a state of art rooms which is inclusive of suites. They were specifically designed to make you feel at home, though much better. They are designed each room to be a suite, with a living room and a bedroom décor that feels lively and refreshing to stay in. the room are customized to fit the taste of different individual thus there is a wide range of choices that ensure you don’t feel in a wrong place. In addition it gives you a choice and experience to venture into new design that you are not familiar with.

There is an exceptional service ranging from 24-hour room services, restaurant and food innovations that not only will amaze your eyes but also sense of smell and taste, not forgetting it will definitely quench your appetite.

Children will also be taken care of. We have highly recommended baby sitters and entertainments that will keep your children happy and busy all day. This will give couples ample time to have a wonderful moment together.

The Nautilus resort carries a capacity of   26 luxurious beach and ocean houses, they have been made to be the best in the world with a bohemian hideaway set in the beauty of the Baa Atoll, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, the beauty of the resorts makes the guest have the feeling of owning the island as their own personal homes. The beautiful rooms are fitted with in-room climate control, premium bedding, and rollaway beds. Flat screen TV with satellite channels, in addition free WIFI for your entertainment. The bathroom has hair dryer, shower /tub, bathrobes, private bathroom and toiletries. In addition, there is a Refrigerator, coffee and tea maker, desk in- room safe, iron and ironing boards. Outdoor space includes Balcony or patio. The magnificent admiration of the rooms makes it more attractive to the visitors this creates a sense of felling at home.

Honeymooner villas

Looking for a place to be thrilled during honeymoon with your loved one, look no further, at Nautilus Maldives we offer you with incredible honeymoon villas, designed to make your honeymoon unforgettable, the kind you will want to have it again. The villas have a specious bedroom positioned on the beach with an amazing view of the ocean. Its provided with marvelous and classy facilities, furnished with utmost privacy, being covered in lush vegetation and with a private swimming pool for sharing moments privately.

The beach houses are large enough to accommodate three adults. Guest and families looking for small packages are not left out; the villas allow family with children in condition. Thus a family can have their own moments and privacy.


In every hotel the policy and rules are different, safety of the customer and customer satisfaction are equally important. In Nautilus resort rules are favorable to the visitors, checking time is 14:00 and checking out 12:00, the termination and prepayment mode of payment  according to the room type. One can purchase the room with American Express, Visa, Master Card. In terms of age restriction minimum age for checking in is 18, this makes it more advantageous to the honeymooners they get the free time to enjoy the luxury without disturbances. According to the resort rule pets are not allowed to the island, Guess what? Guest is allowed to come and go at their free will.

Airport shuttle is available in early booking. Booking time is strictly from 6AM TO 5PM. Fees may apply.


Activities carried out in Nautilus Maldives resort.

Every resort has to have its own beautifying array of activities, in the case of our magical Nautilus Maldives it has the water sport activities, this creates the atmosphere of fun the outdoor swimming pool, the visitors are given opportunity to use the fitness facilities to refresh themselves and the most interesting is the beach were they have the advantage to walk bare foot around the resort. The experience of the life in the island is also advantageous to the honeymooners they can set their own privacy by being provided all the activities like practicing over water yoga pavilion that gives the couples a chance to get a personal experience and meditation. This unique activity along with many more such as dolphin watching or night fishing are available the Nautilus Maldives. It is only natural that you may get tired after some of the these activities such as watersports. In that case head to the spa and relief tension and bring back your soul to the tranquility of the amazing Maldives resort.


Climate is one of the factors that encourages a tourist to a destination the need to change climate for example from winter to summer is one of the factors that visitors consider, in the case of the Maldives it has a tropical climate that has two seasons the dry and the wet monsoon which varies in months of the year, the dry season is from December to March and the wet from May to November. Despite some months being regarded as wet season there is much more sun than some unpredictable rain that usually comes and clears up quickly.

According to the study the months of the April is considered as the period of clear water and heat the temperature remains at around 30degres. The favorable time of the year to visit is during the dry season.


In this amazing resort there are different facilities available to fulfill the needs of the visitors. When you  arrival to the airport the resort provides shuttle service to the seaplane terminal and it has wifi available to enjoy while waiting in the VIP lounge.  Once you arrive the resort it is simply another world of luxury and comfort, beauty and harmony that you don’t see from anywhere else in the world. There are more then enough facilities, restaurants and activities for you to enjoy.  In the restaurant every guest is allowed to choose food of their choice; the Asian, Latin and American dishes are served by the Room Service, restaurants and also a bar is available for refreshing drinks.

 The health club and spa

Are you looking for a place to relieve tension and stress from your body after a long day of work or outdoor activities? A place to release your inner glow or a place to keep fit?  Look no further. In Nautilus Maldives comes with a state of art Health Club and Spa. Treatments offered by the spa include: Thai massage, Steam room in spa, Swedish Massage, Deep tissues Massage, Hot stone Massage, Aromatherapy treatments, Facial treatments, Body scrubs, Body treatments, body Wraps, manicure and pedicure, couples treatment rooms. The Spa is open throughout. Children under 11 years are allowed only under adult supervision.

 Summary of the facilities


WIFI is available in all rooms

WIFI is available in some public areas in the resort

Things to do

Swimming pool

Full Gym

Boat riding

Food and drink

Free cooked breakfast available and its ready to order at 7am to 10:30am daily.

3 restaurants and coffee shop

Poolside bar and 2 lounges

24 hour exceptional room services

Family friendly

Swimming pool which is outdoor

Free babysitter

Separate living room

Children’s club

Private beach

Play ground on site

Room facilities


Air conditioner

Quality bedding


Tab and shower

Bathroom robes

Toilet accessories

Private bathroom


Flat screen TV with satellite channels

Food and drinks

3 Lounges/bar

3 Restaurants

Coffee shop

Guest services

Luggage storage

Dry cleaner

Housekeeping on daily basis





Picnic areas


Couple treatment room

Massages (Swedish massage, Thai massage, deep tissue, hot stone)

Full body treatments (facial scrubs, body scrubs, aromatic treatment, body wraps, facial treatments)

Manicure and pedicure


Payment types include Master card, African express and VISA

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