Islands and beaches near Maldives Ibrahim Nasir airport

Many tourists ask me if there is a beach near airport that they could enjoy. People on business trips usually do not have time to go other islands. After fishing their business meetings they get few hours in the afternoon and they want to experience what Maldives is all about.

Ibrahim Nasir Internatinal Airport is the main gateway to Maldives that serves to over 99% of tourists. Addu International Airport in south serves to two resorts and some guesthouses. If you are arriving via Colombo you may get better airfares to Addu than the main airport. Hanimaadhoo International Airport is on the north of the country and sometimes operate direct flights between India. On this post I am going to assume are visiting the main airport and you want the options to enjoy. Continue reading “Islands and beaches near Maldives Ibrahim Nasir airport”

Maldives Snorkeling Accidents – Updated 2018

Snorkeling in the Maldives is full of timeless fun if you aware of the very few but real threats.  A few months back I was snorkeling at Veligandu Island Resort. I saw many specifies of fish just a couple of metres from me. At west side of the island I saw more small fish as reef is shallow. At the drop off point were big fish as they live in deeper part of the reef.

I followed the drop off line and swam along towards east. Around middle area of the island I came across a Titan Triggerfish that was facing down, it stayed in the same spot with fins waving to help him keep on the position.

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Should I stay near airport or travel afar on my Maldives holiday

Many tourists ask me if they should choose a resort close to airport or travel afar on their Maldives holidays. I give them a simple reply. If you want to save on airport transfer you can stay at a resort or local island near airport. If you want to get a better experience, enjoy more and explore the most beautiful places you should choose an island that is not in the crowded tourist zone near Male’ or Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. Continue reading “Should I stay near airport or travel afar on my Maldives holiday”

Here’s why you can’t trust Maldives weather forecast

Recently I was contacted by a guest planning to visit Maldives in last week of January 2018. Guest was very trouble by the fact that weather forecast showed some rain during her stay in the Maldives. In personal experience I knew in February Maldives has the finest weather conditions, January is also a good month but February is usually better. Continue reading “Here’s why you can’t trust Maldives weather forecast”